The Great Bacon Run & Walk

The 2017 Great Bacon Run & Walk is the second running of the 5K Bacon Run in Garden City. Sponsored jointly by the Garden City Public Library, Department of Parks & Recreation, and the Downtown Development Authority, the event will offer something for all ages and promises to be lots of fun.

The Great Bacon Run begins at 9:30 am. Participants will compete against others in their age group: 14-19 years old, 20-25 years old, 26-30 years old and so on.

Following the event, vendors will be giving away free samples of bacon for race participants and spectators to enjoy. See the route.

The 5K Walk follows the same route as the Great Bacon Run and begins at the same time, 9:30 am. While it is less demanding than the Run, it is still vigorous exercise. Training for the Walk is as important as training for the run. Walking several times a week before the Walk will help get you ready. And don’t forget to stretch. See the route.

Following the event, free bacon samples will be available to paid participants. Bacon will be available for a nominal fee to others. Check out our Bacon Vendors.

The Junior Bacon Fun Run

The Kids’ Fun Run kicks off at 9:00 am before the Great Bacon Run & Walk. Kids 12 and under are invited to participate. The Fun Run will be a one-half mile long race.


Frequently asked questions about the 2016 Great Bacon Run & Walk. Read more.


Race Guidelines

In order to make the Great Bacon Run & Walk a safe and enjoyable event for everyone, we are asking participants to follow a few simple guidelines. Thanks for your help with this! Read more.


Route Map

The event will kick off at the Town Center and follow a 5k route (3.1 miles). See the map.